Christine and Anson's Wedding

This month I had the privilege of photographing two of our (Anson grew up with Tyler) closest friend's wedding in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They both looked so AMAZING and over the moon in every photo; it was hard to pick just a few highlights to share (I am super indecisive on a normal day, ha). Christine wore this gorgeous gown from Finery in Huntsville, AL and I absolutely love the sleeves and lace! My favorite part of the day was out on the dock where they exchanged gifts- both seeming as though I wasn't standing there snapping away with my camera. I wish I could show you every photo in order because its like watching a movie the way they interacted- both so excited about the surprise they had for one another. It is easy to see the joy, laughs  and love when you look at this glimpse of their perfect wedding day!