Christine and Anson's Wedding

This month I had the privilege of photographing two of our (Anson grew up with Tyler) closest friend's wedding in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They both looked so AMAZING and over the moon in every photo; it was hard to pick just a few highlights to share (I am super indecisive on a normal day, ha). Christine wore this gorgeous gown from Finery in Huntsville, AL and I absolutely love the sleeves and lace! My favorite part of the day was out on the dock where they exchanged gifts- both seeming as though I wasn't standing there snapping away with my camera. I wish I could show you every photo in order because its like watching a movie the way they interacted- both so excited about the surprise they had for one another. It is easy to see the joy, laughs  and love when you look at this glimpse of their perfect wedding day! 


I am a little behind with posts due to the life changing last month we have had. I left my job in Columbus, GA (Miss you old team), had a dream wedding, traveled to Grenada with my new husband, bought our first home together and moved to Birmingham, AL. Needless to say I have a lot of photos to share but I will start with a few from our trip to Grenada. I was gorgeous and everyone was so friendly. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for somewhere exotic and don't want to spend days getting there. 

Fashion Shoot

More great looks from Gabrielle's Bridal and Formals, only these are cute for everyday! We are working on showcasing some of their boutique clothing for Summer and Fall. I love shooting around Opelika- there are so many unique, historic buildings, and great textured backdrops.

Trying to get more local shops photographed- More to come! :)

Bridal Shoot- Part One

I started working with a local bridal boutique in Opelika, Gabrielle's Bridal and Formals. We had so much fun putting together looks for different locations around town and Courtney has the best smile- I love how the photos turned out. Here are a few highlights! 

Shaker Village, Kentucky

This past weekend, while in Kentucky, we visited Shaker Village for my Grandmother's celebration lunch. It is a great backdrop for family photos or even a wedding venue if they allow it… but it also has an interesting history. If you are into old-timey things, like me, check out their website, you might want to plan a tour if you are ever passing through. The buildings and rolling hills are worth the visit alone!